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Content Development

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Insight allows the development and deployment of webbased interactive content delivery applications in a fraction of cost of similar applications developed by any other mean.

Creating interactive applications, using the Insight, do not require any knowledge in programming and can be used by any content developer.

Using Insight dramatically reduces the development costs of high-quality interactive web based content. It is the answer to the opposite demands of Cost versus Quality

Implemented using
Content Type
Presentation tools(e.g. PowerPoint) Authoring tools Software
development tools
Non interactive page 1 Hour 1 Hour 4 Hours 8 Hours
Interactive page 2 Hours Cannot be done 16 Hours 24 Hours
Complete course tree 6 Hours Not Applicable 16 Hours 24 Hours
Developing a complete typical subject (10 pages, 15 tasks) 46 Hours$ 9,200 Cannot be done 296 Hours$ 59,200 464 Hours$ 92,800