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Knowledge & Content Management

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The Insight environment includes a Tree like (Course) Content Manger module that monitors the progress of each individual user and creates a sequentially ever-updated userís knowledge or learning profile. According to the current tree nodeís methodological properties, the Tree/Course-Content-Manger selects the most relevant content from the Tree to comply with the Userís profile.

Furthermore, by its robust features, the Insight enables full-tolerance Knowledge & Content Management:

Straightforward simulation generator
Enhanced data management
Context sensitive behavior
Rich feedback interactivity
User-defined templates
Multilingual support
Usersí peer groups
Progress reports
Customized messages
Link to external references
Security management
And more...
Central Content Repository
Coherent Environment
Interaction Scripts
Interactive Simulations
Intelligent (dynamically adjusted) Indevidualized Content
Optimal Content Objects granularity
Content Re-usability and Maintenance
Inherited Look and Feel
Versatile search mechanisms
Individualized content flow
Assessment generator