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Management Team

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Our team holds vast managerial experience in key positions of leading Technology and Knowledge firms.

Our team holds vast managerial experience in key positions of leading Technology and Knowledge firms:

Company management


David Danino – Founder & CTO.

David is an experienced educational content developer with over 15 years experience in developing software and educational content for the industry and the public sector. Over the years, David provided acknowledged solutions (of both technology and Content) for prestigious establishments: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF); Israel Airport authority; Israeli Police; the Israeli Education System; and many more.
Mr. Danino was a management team member of "Pegasus Medical" (acquired by HBOC in 1995).


Ram Ben Yehuda – CEO.

Ram holds over 15 years of experience in Project Management, Business Development and start-up company’s Management. Ram is an Electronic Engineer with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering and business management.


Shahar Nissan- VP R&D.

Shahar is a gifted Software Engineer, with over 7 years of experience in Software Development, Engineering and R&D management in the technology Industry.


Advisory Board


Avi Kleiman-CEO of Med-Dynamix Ltd.

Avi is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded, run and exited variety of businesses in Israel, Europe and the US. He was educated in the US and has an economics degree from the University of Florida. His entrepreneurial experience runs from agricultural technology, through software development and into medical devices. He was a founder and COO of Csoft International; an American software development company that was successfully sold to the multinational Marconi Systems in 1999. Mr. Kleiman joined Med-Dynamix in late 2001, and is active as its CEO since (www.med-dynamix.com).


Dr. Isaac Bentwich, M.D. - Founder & CEO of Rosetta Genomic LTD.

Dr. Bentwich is a physician by training and an entrepreneur. Prior to founding Rosetta Genomics, Dr. Bentwich was Executive Vice President of Physician’s Solutions at HBOC, now a part of McKesson, the Fortune 20 healthcare services company that is a top provider in the $15 billion healthcare informatics industry. Dr. Bentwich joined HBOC in 1995, when the company acquired Pegasus Medical Ltd., an Israeli medical-informatics company founded and led by Dr. Bentwich. Under Dr. Bentwich’s leadership, Pegasus Smart Medical Record™ grew to a $15 million division of HBOC.


Makhlab Yehezkel.

Yehezkel has over 22 years of experience in cultural centers’ management.
He is an informal learning and education expert with a Master Degree, and he is currently a doctoral candidate in Philosophy & History.