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SocratesLogic provide customized vertical solutions for the business environment. Our technology and service portfolio are shaped and molded for optimal vertical compatibility.

SocratesLogic partners with leading enterprise software, infrastructure and value add resellers and systems integrators to deliver high-value, comprehensive technology solutions to joint customers:

  • Peripheral Technology Vendors- As an eLearning and Knowledge technology vendor, you aim at minimizing R&D investments by OEM engagements. As customers seek end-to-end solutions, eLearning and Knowledge technology vendors are perusing enhanced training life-cycle support. Thus, obliged to enlarge development spending on such modules.

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  • Technology Vendors- Complex enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems strive to minimize R&D investments by OEM engagements. Complex enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems currently develop costly embedded training modules in order to support their demanding implementation processes.

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  • Training Implementers- Strive to minimize resources invested in the Development > Production > Deployment > Management > and Implementation of training, knowledge and education. These companies are paid for their delivery of training modules. Thus, minimized investment on trainings life-cycle will better their profitability and ROI.

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  • ASPs- Compete to acquirie attractive, salable, reliable, ROI proven web based training applications.

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