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Technological Highlights

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The Insight™ platform streamlines the Knowledge Transaction by the minimization of investments and resources allocated for Knowledge maintenance and deployment.

  • Central Content Repository – Enables the creation of new content activities and modules by reuse and recombining content-Objects instead of re-developing them; thus, reducing development time and the use of corporate resources.
  • No Programming – The Insight Author enables the production of high quality interactive content by Subject Matter Experts (SME) with mere word processors’ computer skills. As a result, more employees can contribute to content development process and the need for software experts is eliminated. QA may now focus on the content rather than on software bugs. Again, the bottom line is efficient use of corporate resources.
  • Coherent Environment – Both the Insight Author (content) and Insight Tutor (the Management Module) are a part of one coherent system, thus eliminating the need to integrate separate content and management systems; resulting shorter time-of- delivery.
  • Context-Sensitive Behavior and Design –Content’s look & feel and behavior depends on the context it is in and varies accordingly. Enabling prompt deployment and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Intelligent Content –The interactive content’s flow is dynamically adjusted to comply with the actual needs of the individual user, resulting in an increased customer satisfaction.
  • Content Objects – The common use of the term Content Object (A.K.A Learning Object) refers to a piece of meaningful content that is usually in a size of a page, exercise or task. Insight takes this concept a wide step foreword and reduces the granularity of the Content Object to the level of single item on your screen. Every such item has content-oriented properties, such as elaborations, rich feedback or deductive hints, which available to the users based on their individual characteristics and/or performance. Presently, there is no other system to demonstrate these capabilities. Furthermore, our development environment, the Insight Author, stores and manages Content Objects at all levels in a central repository. Our best-practiced methodological technology has radical implications with respect to the cost and speed of developing content without compromising the ability to make it engaging and effective.
  • Content Re-usability and Maintenance – Each of Insight content objects, whether it is a button, word, paragraph, a page or a complete subject, or even a knowledge-tree or a course are re-usable. No, we do not mean to merely copy and paste. We present the capability of modifying all occurrences of that CO with a single action, resulting overall modified pages, to be published upon wish. A typical organization normally writes and uses similar content in various applications. While using Insight and accumulating content in it’s repository, you will benefit major reduction in the amount of effort required for the creation of variants of existing content, knowledge and pages.
  • Inherited Look and Feel - A consistent look and feel of a knowledge tree or a course is important for a familiar, functional and aesthetic environment. With this in mind, you may still want every tree (or elements of it) to be uniquely distinguished from others. Insight includes a fully customizable display environment with a common tree and/or course frames; default style schemes for content items and pages; and default feedbacks and messages. Content objects at all levels may inherit any of these settings. Now, you may practically re-use the same content page in two or more different knowledge trees, without making any modifications to it. It will look and behave differently because it inherited different default style settings, functional characteristics and default interactions. This capability is unique to Insight; simply because no other software vendor looks at a tree or course as a complete unit.