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Technology Industry

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SocratesLogic provide customized vertical solutions for the business environment. Our technology and service portfolio are shaped and molded for optimal vertical compatibility.

The technology marketplace is evolving. New or growing markets are forcing you to re-think deployment strategies. The effects of a tight economy (ROI requirements) and intense competition (business justified actions only) means you need to streamline your deploymentĺs knowledge transaction; both Internal (E.g. R&D > Product > Marketing > Sales > Professional Services > Customer Support & Services>) and External (E.g. Partners / Branches / Offices / Etc.) alike.

The Insight™ suite complies with your necessities. It streamline the Knowledge Transaction by the minimization of investments and resources allocated to the Development > Production > Deployment > Management > and Implementation of training, Knowledge and Education. By its unique best-practiced technology, the Insight™ suite provides robust unified all-in-one platform for all content related applications:




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