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Training & Knowledge Portals

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With its web technology, the Insight features personalized capabilities to its users, thus creating an individualized Portal for knowledge, support, training and collaboration. The Insight supports the gathering of distributed applications and/or different numbers and types of middleware to provide services from a number of different sources.

Professional web sites for Education & Training, Technical Support and Services may become real Portals by the deployment of the Insight featured capabilities:

Reuse objects of any size
User-defined templates
Multilingual support
Users peer groups
Customized messages
Link to external resources and references
Security management
Billing module
SCORM conformant
XML based
Web Services technology
And more...
Individualized content flow
Assessment generator
Straightforward simulation generator
Content (Learning)-object repository
Finest item granularity
Versatile search mechanisms
Enhanced data management
Customizable layout
Inherited styles and settings
Context sensitive behavior
Rich feedback interactivity