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Training Development

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Insight enables an automated, customized and targeted training. As such, training development becomes focused, precise, practical and business justified.

As the user/student interacts with a selected Virtual Page or a specified content, an integrated Feedback Manager module provides the most relevant feedback (another type of a Learning Object) to the user/student’s action. Upon facing a difficult challenge, the user/student may ask for a hint. An integrated Hints Manager module assists the user/student by providing the most relevant hint (another type of Learning Object). The hint is determined by the user/student 's “learning profile” and matches the displayed learning task. Along with the Feedback and Hint Managers, the learning environment provides the user/student with a virtual dictionary/glossary, “text book”, learning status reports and more learning tools.

Furthermore, by its robust features, the Insight enables full-tolerance Training Development:

Straightforward simulation generator
Rich interactivity
Customizable layout
Inherited styles and settings
Rich feedback interactivity
Specific learning hints
User-defined templates
Multilingual support
Users’ peer and Learning groups
Glossary builder
Link to external references
And more...
Central Content Repository
No Programming
Coherent Environment
Freeform page design
Intelligent (dynamically adjusted) Content
Content Objects granularity
Content Re-usability and Maintenance
Inherited Look and Feel
Freeform page design
Individualized content flow
Assessment generator