About us

SocratesLogic is a Knowledge Management Solution Provider, gaining its customers with capabilities and solutions for overall operational and business henhancement.

SocratesLogic is a leading provider of knowledge management solutions:

We empower organizations to manage and share their accumulated knowledge. This is achieved through Insight , a comprehensive web-based platform which enables the easy creation, management, utilization and maintenance of businesses knowledge elements at a fraction of the cost, time, effort and expertise required by any other tool on the market.

The Insight platform addresses the key issues faced by every organization: how to reduce the damage created by the loss of key employees (financial losses, schedule delays, etc.); how to reduce the resources required to bring new hires up to speed; how to quickly share and deploy new knowledge within the organization; and how to optimally share the experiences and knowledge accumulated by employees in the organization.


Changing the way that organizations manage and use their knowledge

the Insight platform overcomes the limitations of existing knowledge management systems – namely expensive and long processes to create, manage and maintain knowledge banks and the necessity for progamming experience. Integrating a unique structure based on advanced technologies, Insight is suitable for anyone with Microsoft Office-level computer skills. Furthermore, it dramatically reduces the cost and time required for the development and deployment of knowledge.

SocratesLogic employs a team of highly-skilled professionals who are committed to developing products that will lead the market in ease-of-use, cost and customer support. Since the roll-out of the Insight platform at the end of 2006, the company has succeeded in penetrating both operational and business deployments in a diverse range of industries, including transportation, telecommunications and education.

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