The Technology

The Insight™ platform streamlines the Knowledge Transaction by the minimization of investments and resources allocated for Knowledge maintenance and deployment.


By its unique best-practice technology, the Insight™ platform provides a robust unified all-in-one platform for all Knowledge management related applications.

With its two basic modules, the Insight™ platform primary focus is on reducing costs and time of content development and deployment, without compromising on quality.

The Insight Author is a web based content development and management environment. Whether you're a seasoned developer or you're writing your first content application, when working with the Insight Author you get busy with the content itself rather than with the technology that enables it.


The Insight Run-time engine is a web-based interactive content delivery and management environment. The Tun-time engine enables the intractive deployment of stored knoledge objects. An individualized user's profile is used to dynamically determine the flow of content operation that suits the user's needs.

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